2016 Dodge Challenger

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2016 Dodge Challenger
2016 Dodge Challenger

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The 2016 Dodge Challenger

Every day consumers seek every day cars – the good ole' standbys that don't offer much in terms of unique styling or any one stand out feature. But, for consumers seeking something more than just a generic set of wheels, there's no better choice than the 2016 Dodge Challenger.

2016 Dodge Challenger Specifications

Engine Size: 3.6 L
Cylinders: V-6
Horsepower: 305
Torque: 410 lb-ft
Transmission: Automatic or Manual
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel







The Challenger is a true classic with its eye-catching and handsome exterior, throaty engine growl and the ability to achieve speeds that are so fast sparks fly from the tires – all qualities that consumers swoon over.

For real muscle-car charm mixed with impressive practicality, superior comfort, and strong customization, the 2016 Challenger provides consumers with all the thrills.

Unheard of Space

Muscle cars aren't exactly known as the most spacious of vehicles, but the 2016 Challenger slashes this stigma. In fact, passenger and cargo space is so strongly highlighted in the Challenger that it is actually one of its core strengths. It doesn't matter how tall consumers are, because the Challenger will easily fit whoever fills its large seats. Consumers are most impressed by the backseat, which is abundant in head- and legroom, even for adults – a feat that is basically unheard of in a class that can typically only seat children in back. The Challenger's trunk is another appealing quality to consumers who enjoy the perks of above-average cargo space. Measuring 16.5 cubic feet, the Challenger's trunk matches that of most full-size sedans. Rear seats also fold down in order to create more space for cargo items, which consumers who love road trips are thrilled by.

A Beastly Demeanor on the Road

Consumers seeking rapid-fire speed and excellent ride quality love the 2016 Challenger. No matter which engine is under the hood, performance is super pumped to provide a true muscle-car experience. The 5.7-liter V8 creates an alluring purr during acceleration that consumers find rewarding, as do the 6.4-liter V8 and 3.6-liter V8. However, consumers who want tire-smoking speeds, there's no better choice than the supercharged Hellcat. Paired to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission, this powertrain rips 707 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Consumers really yell their excitement for the Challenger Hellcat when learning that when paired with the manual transmission it zips from zero to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds; matched with the automatic transmission and launch control function and time is even faster at 4.1 seconds.

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